Halwai October 1, 2023


• Carnation Milk powder – 2 cups
• Pancake mix (Bisquick brand)
• Heavy whipping Cream (just enough to make the dough)
• Vanilla essence – a few drops
• Oil for frying
• For the Syrup:
• Sugar – 4 cups
• Water – 2 cups
• Cardamom powder – a little


  1. Mix milk powder with the pancake mix, using the heavy cream to make a soft dough.
  2. Use the dough to make about 40 balls.
  3. Gently roll the dough between your palms, using a little ghee, to make the balls.
  4. Take enough oil to deep fry (first heat on high and then reduce flame to medium) and gently slip the balls into the oil of the frying pan.
  5. The balls should be fried very slowly in medium flame until they become golden in colour.
  6. Mix sugar to water and heat on medium flame until sugar gets dissolved. Keep the flame very low.
  7. Add the fried jamun directly into the syrup.
  8. Boil the syrup for just 2 or 3 minutes in medium flame.
  9. Add the cardamom powder.

Recipe courtesy of Suthandra