Kasturi March 3, 2021

India is a land of spices. Various kind of chutney’s is a part of everyday meals. Green coriander chutney is one of the famous and everyday used chutney recipe. Coriander is an excellent source of iron and vitamins. It aids in digestion and helps in intestinal movement. Green chilies provide ?a substantial amount of vitamin C. the chutney can be served with hot or dry snacks to enhance the taste and add nutritive value to the food. Coriander chutney is instantly made with fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chilies and lemon juice.
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: No Cooking
Servings: 1 Bowl
Green Coriander Chutney Recipe by rasoi menu


– 350 gm coriander leaves
– 5-6 green chilies
– Juice of 2 lemons
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– Salt to taste

How To Cook?

1. In a grinder, collect coriander leaves, green chilies, lemon juice, sugar and salt and grind it.
2. Make a smooth paste by adding a little water, if required.
3. Coriander chutney is ready to serve. Also, you can store it for 3-4 days in an air-tight jar in a refrigerator.