Anshul May 27, 2022


Masala Cabbage + cheese
Onion 2
Tomato 1 BIG
Cauliflower Kati 1/2 kg
Cheese 150 GMS
Oil 2 Tbsp + frying for kak?
Ginger Garlic Toothpaste 2 TSP.
Black Pepper 3-4
Clove 3-4

Turmeric pepper
Coriender Powder


Add the cabbage.
Add onions ginger and garlic pst in black pepper, dalacini tomato clove.
2 Tbsp oil in the toothpaste until the golden bhuniy.
Put all the salt salt and fried cabbage. Then put a cheese pieces and cook a minute.

I also have babycorn

If you don’t want cabbage fry, you cook 4 Oil and cook cabbage. Just put cheese after cooking.