Halwai June 11, 2024


• 1 kg – Mutton (mixed bone and boneless).
• 1 kg – onion.
• 50 g – pepper.
• 50 g – oil.
• 1 – lemon.
• fresh coriander leaves.
• salt to taste.
• cloves.
• lime.


  1. Heat oil in pressure cooker. Add cloves and onions that have been sliced.
  2. When it browns, add mutton, pepper and salt. Stir continuously on medium flame for 5 minutes.
  3. Add salt, pepper, squeeze lemon and add pepper, put in a few coriander leaves.
  4. Stir for another 5 mins.
  5. Close lid of the cooker and turn to low flame. Put the weight on and leave it for about 30-40 mins (depending on the tenderness of meat).
  6. After a couple of whistles, open and turn the flame to high and dry the water.
  7. Add fresh coriander and serve it hot with rotis or pooris.

Recipe courtesy of Jagdeesh Laxman Singh