Nirmala August 28, 2023

1. Pudina Chutney :

Pudian Chutney is mostly accompanied with samosa and other chats. In north indian states, many variations for pudina chutney is prepared i.e. hari chutney, pudina dhania chutney, pudina dahi chutney, pudina pyaz chutney etc. Pudina chutney is also loved in villages of india, where chutney roti is a favorite food for people. I present a very simple recipe pudina chutney recipe which I often follow to make pudina chutney.

2. Amla Chutney :

A super simple and super healthy chutney recipe which i tried at home and i kept it in haryanvi chutney recipes because i got an idea to prepare amla chutney after seeing the experiments done for chutneys in haryanvi kitchens.Amla chutney just turned very tastey. Infact you can use it in chats also.

3. Bajra Khichdi :

Bajra (Millet) Khichdi is the food of dry areas where millet is grown. Millet Khichdi or Bajra Khichd is popular in Rajasthan and Haryana specially during winter. Both follow almost same recipe to make Bajra Khichdi.

4. Wheat Flour Halwa :

Aate ka halwa or wheat flour halwa is a traditional sweets from north indian cuisine. Aate ka halwa is a very quick and easy recipe to do. Adding shallow fried dry fruits like cashews and almonds enhance the taste of this dish.I made aate ka halwa using jaggery but the same can be prepared using sugar also. Taste differs if aate ka halwa is prepared using the sugar, but that is also a good recipe. Using jaggery to make the aate ka halwa is the traditional recipe. Preparing aate ka halwa takes 15 minutes at max.

5. Bottlegourd Raita :

Lauki (bottlegourd) as it is known i hindi is a very good vegetable for health. Lauki raita is very different curd recipe. It is different and good in taste. Lauki raita is favorite to all of us in family. People who do not like bottle gourd, might like it as a raita. It is very easy to make as well. Here is the complete recipe to make lauki raita.

6. Besan Halwa :

Very easy and quick recipe is besan halwa. I have made besan halwa a lot, specially during winter. In my home, if someone will have cold, mom will prepare besan halwa and will add black peppercorn powder and white peppercorn powder. It works as a remedy for cold.

7. Kadhi Pakoda :

In north india, we have many variations of kadhi as well i.e. punjabi kadhi, awadhi kadhi, sindhi kadhi, rajasthani kadhi and few variations include combination of vegetables in kadhi recipe. Pakora kadhi and boondi kadhi are also have a special place in every north indian kitchen.I often prepared kadhi with buttermilk, but now a days buttermilk is not easily available. The one available in market is a masala buttermilk which is not a good one to use in this recipe. Now a days i prepare kadhi using curd. The curd should be two days old and kept in refrigerator.