Nirmala May 22, 2023

1. Bhaja :

Anything fried, either just after it has been salted or dipped in any kind of waterbased batter. Does not include croquettes, or crumbcoated items.

2. Chop :

Croquettes, usually coated with crushed biscuit or breadcrumbs.

3. Rshogolla :

Rshogolla, a traditional sweet, is one of the most widely consumed sweets in Westbengal. The basic version has many regional variations. Rshogolla is one of the three most prominent trademark of Bengali culture (along with Rabindranath Tagore and the festival of Durga Puja) and probably the face of Bengali cuisine to people outside Bengal (along with fish and stereotypical posto or poppyseed).

4. Naga Ghost Chili Sauce :

On my last night in Nagaland, a friend cooked up a feast that contained dishes specifically from her home village in Nagaland. This blend of ingredients (Im sorry, I honestly dont know what all was in here) was miraculous. There were only 4 Naga ghost chillies (the worlds hottest chili) within this sauce, and that was enough to make it tear flowing spicy. It wasnt a long lasting hot chili spice though, it was more of an extreme sharp pain in your mouth that didnt last too long, but really added wonderful flavor.The entire chili sauce tasted kind of like mashed beans mixed with all sorts of herbs, onions, garlic and the Naga ghost chillies.Though in a week I was barely able to scratch the surface of Nagaland food, what I was able to try I really enjoyed.

5. mishti doi :

The last item before the sweets is Doi or yogurt.It is generally of two varieties, either natural flavour and taste or Mishti Doi

6. Kongshia Lon :

Of all the Nagaland food I was able to sample on my weeklong visit to Nagaland, it was the different assortment of chili sauces and garnishes that I enjoyed most.This eel chili sauce was excellent, dry eel pounded with lots of chilies, garlic, and salt. I was quite satisfied with just a spoonful of this eel chili sauce and rice.

7. Beans Mix :

This healthy earthy mixture included beans, tomatoes, peas, cabbage and all sort of other natural Nagaland ingredients. It was a delicious concoction that wasnt overly strong in flavor, but more of a garnish for rice and intended to be eaten with other stronger chili sauces and curries.