Abhilasha July 4, 2022

Salsa dip, a spicy blend of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and spices

2 large tomatoes
2 med onions, finely chopped
1 big capsicum, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoon tomato sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoon red chilli flakes
1 teaspoon dried oregano herb
1 tablespoon oil
Salt to taste

1. Blanch tomatoes in boiling water and keep aside for 15 minutes.
2. Drain and peel tomatoes, chop and keep aside.
3. Heat oil in a pan, add garlic, onions, capsicum and fry until transparent.
4. Add tomatoes and fry for 2-3 minutes.
5. Add salt, red chilli flakes, oregano, tomato sauce and bring to a boil.
6. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently.
7. Serve warm with corn chips or nachos.

Cooking time: 25-30 minutes