Halwai March 28, 2023


• 1 – Bottle Gourd
• Sugar
• 4 cups – Milk
• 3 – Cardamoms
• Raisins
• Cashews
• 1 tbsp – Ghee


  1. Peel the bottle gourd, cut into small pieces and pressure cook until done.
  2. Mash the cooked gourd.
  3. Measure the quantity of mash. Take an equal amount of sugar in a pan.
  4. Add water half the measure of sugar and boil.
  5. Add the cooked gourd to the sugar syrup and boil.
  6. Add milk and simmer on a low flame until the milk thickens. Take off heat.
  7. Meanwhile, heat ghee in another pan and the cashews and raisins. Fry for 2 mins.
  8. Add the cashew and raisins to the payasam.
  9. Grind the cardamom roughly and add it too.
  10. Serve.

Recipe courtesy of Sharada